Hey, Mikki! 👋🏻

In May, we received a cease and desist letter requesting that we completely discontinue use of the mark, NASTEA. After talking to more than a few trademark lawyers, the advice unanimously was for us not to fight the claim and to focus our time and energy into moving forward and growing the company. The team was heartbroken because we loved our name and have worked hard to create a brand and community around it. That being said, everything about creating this company has been an incredible learning experience and we’re proud to introduce our new name:

Pronounced Mickey (like the mouse)

Pronounced Mickey (like the mouse)


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We made it to the third round of the Business Impact NW's Annual IMPACT Pitch. Please help us advance to the next round by voting here, where we will compete with other awesome local companies for the grand prize! You can vote once a day until the 12th.


New Recipe + Even Higher Quality Ingredients

New name, same mission! Our team is committed to bringing customers fun, unique, and delicious bottled dirty drinks for their daily dose of caffeine. This is why we are making improvements to our original recipe starting mid-September.

  • OUR OWN WHITE COFFEE – Starting mid-September we will start using our own roast of white coffee beans that we have developed over the past few months with a small local roaster.

  • COCONUT SUGAR IS NOW BROWN SUGAR – We will be switching the organic coconut sugar in the dirty chai to organic brown sugar. This was based on feedbacks we’ve received of a bitter aftertaste. We originally thought it was from the chai spices, but we were able to pinpoint that it actually came from the earthiness of coconut sugar.

  • NEW, BETTER MATCHA – We have a new supplier for our matcha powder. They carry even higher quality matcha that’s way more smooth and sourced from Kagoshima, Japan – where Karin’s immediate and extended family are all from!


What's next?

We began our shelf-life extension R&D back in April and we are finally set to receive our induction sealer in the next two weeks. This will officially extend our shelf-life from two weeks to at least three! The longer shelf-life will help us reach our next milestone of getting our bottles into larger local grocery stores such as Whole Foods and PCC. We have initiated conversations with PCC with the goal of introducing our white coffee dirty chai and dirty matcha by the end of this year for a caffeinated holiday season!

In addition to entering larger grocery stores, we have begun looking into cold shipping so people across the country can get their hands on Mikki bottles as we work our way into their local stores.


Team Mikki (!!!)

Karin Soyama