April 2018 Update



New Locations! πŸ“

Both of our kids, white coffee dirty chai and dirty matcha, got their acceptance letter to three new retail locations in April! 

New Seasons Market | Ballard
Today is the grand opening of New Seasons Market in Ballard! Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, New Seasons Market brings delicious, healthy food from local farmers, producers, ranchers, and fishermen to their communities. We're really excited to work with them and welcome them to Seattle! We will be sampling there on Saturday, May 26th from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 

Greenlake Boathouse | Greenlake
Have you been to Greenlake recently to enjoy the sun? If not, we highly recommend. It's gorgeous! While you're there, stop by the Greenlake Boathouse cafe and grab a bottle of NASTEA + snacks! You can also rent a paddleboard (it's harder than it looks) or four types of boats/kayaks that are great for beginners.

Wildwood Market | West Seattle
Near the Fauntleroy Terminal to Vashon in West Seattle is a cute neighborhood market and eatery called Wildwood Market. Their bright, modern space is perfect for catching up on emails, Sunday brunch, meetings over coffee, or happy hour with friends. The best part is you can grab some staples for your fridge and pantry on your way out!


Induction Sealer + Shelf-life Extension πŸ”¬

We are in the final stages of R&D for shelf-life extension with a hand-held induction sealer! Kathy can nerd out about each layer of the seal but in a nutshell we're experimenting with those "Lift 'n' Peel" foils that you see on single-serve OJ or medicine bottles. They are sealed using heat from a small induction sealing machine which then helps preserve freshness.

Our goal from the beginning when it came to extending shelf-life was not to compromise flavor and to not add any preservatives if possible. Our research found that most techniques were either not suitable for our product, not suitable for our current volume, or beyond our budget or facility capacity.

Kathy accidently came across the induction sealing technique and we have given it a couple of runs and the results are very promising – now we're just waiting to get results back from the lab!


Upcoming Events πŸ—“

As the weather becomes warmer, we become busier with events and we love it!

Daring Women | May 10th
NASTEA & Co. is a proud event partner for the Daring Women conference held by Seattle Business Magazine. β€œThe most fearless females in Seattle come together to talk innovation, growth, inspiration and leadership. Women from across all industries will share stories on the challenges and triumphs in business and life. A half-day conference will feature interactive panel discussions and talks from women executives on diversity and inclusion, owning your leadership style, cultivating balanced culture, challenging standards and more.” 

University District Street Fair | May 19th & 20th
One of our biggest event of the year! Last year we participated in the fair as students and a class project. We sold 200 bottles of white coffee dirty chai in two days and met some people who are still customers today! This year, we invited two current teams from the Creating a Company class: Faran Baklava and AJar Pickled Goods to join us in our booth.

Please visit our events page for a complete list of events and more details.


Business Day-trip! πŸš—

Team NASTEA & Co. took the ferry to Kingston to drop off some samples at the Town & Country corporate office on a sunny April day. It was a fun little day-trip where we got to explore Washington outside of Seattle and gather a lot of content for our social media.

Karin Soyama