The End of Mikki



December 31, 2018

Since starting Mikki in March 2017, there hasn’t been a day we haven’t learned something new. This past month, the team took the time to assess the future of Mikki and chat honestly and openly about how it aligns with each of our personal circumstances.

This ultimately leads to our decision to discontinue Mikki permanently at the end of this year. Our hearts are heavy, but also full of gratitude, pride, and optimism for the future.

Minnie moved back home to Taiwan a few weeks ago, Kathy will be going back to school to study Supply Chain Management, and Karin plans to do some traveling and spend time with her family in Japan before moving on to her next endeavor in Seattle.

While Mikki is coming to an end, our passion for meaningful connections remains. Mikki gave us the opportunity to be a part of the welcoming, loving, and powerful Seattle community. We’re not saying our drinks didn’t matter, far from it, but it’s always been about the people. The three of us became more than just great friends, we became family. And we met so many amazing people like you! We all hope you will stay in touch and reach out for whatever reason – even just for coffee.

Thank you for believing in us, supporting Mikki, and being a part of our life-changing experience. It’s been an incredible and inspiring journey!

The Mikki Trio
Kathy Tuan, Karin Soyama, Minnie Yuan

Karin Soyama